Chemical testing of textiles

Fiber and yarn identification; chemical analysis of feather and down textile materials; chemical analysis of leather; analysis of common chemicals used in textile wet processes; analysis of chemicals used in fibre finishing; chemical analysis of fabric finishes and performance-related tests; water and wastewater analysis; chemical analysis of colorants

Chemical testing of textiles

Fan, Qinguo




Chemical Testing of Textiles is a comprehensive book aimed at giving a full overview of chemical testing for both academics and industry. It provides an extensive coverage of the chemical analysis procedures for a broad range of textiles. It introduces fundamental chemical concepts and rudimentary procedures and tries to balance the theoretical and practical parts of the contents. In most cases, the chemical analysis is undertaken with a test method regulated and updated by a professional organization. It serves as a great accompaniment to Physical testing of textiles. It has been compiled with the hard work of a team of contributors including professors, material researchers and textile analysts from Canada, Britain, Germany, and the United States of America.

The opening chapter deals with fibre and yarn identification and is followed by nine separate chapters discussing different chemical analyses with regard to textiles. These include leather, feather/down, textile wet processes, fibre finishes, coatings, performance related tests, wastewater, and dyes and pigments.

This book is a valuable resource for academic and industrial chemists, lecturers and students of textile chemistry and related subjects. It will also serve as a practical guide for textile plant managers, process engineers, technologists, qualified practitioners, textile research and testing institutes, quality inspectors, chemist-colourists and textile designers.


Fan, Qinguo. Chemical testing of textiles, CRC-WPL, 2005.


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Chemical testing of textiles

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Chemical testing of textiles


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