Physical Chemistry

Fundamentals; Equilibrium: The properties of grase; The first law; The second law, Physical transformations og oure substances, Simple mixtures, Chemical equilibrium ; Structure: Quantum theory : introduction and principle, Quantum theory: techniques and applications, atomic structure and atomic spectra, molecular structure; molecular symmetry; molecular spectroscopy 1: rotational and vibrational spectra; molecular spectroscopy 2: electronic transitions, molecular spectroscopy 3: magnetic resonance, statiscal thermodynamics 1: the concepts ; Change;

Physical Chemistry

P.W.Atkins, C.A.Trapp

Oxford University Press



This book is wonderful for introduction to spectroscopy. The thermo is presented well, but you will need solutions to accompany the problems. People who give this a bad review take the route of avoiding rigorous material and just trying to scrap by (the organic chemistry way); but a real spectroscopist or physical chemist never avoid material.

This book is not meant to have all the information that you need, but it will prepare you for more advanced literature and publications.

This book is mathematical in its justifications and explanations, which in my eyes is the best proof. Atkins is explicit and never incorrectly presents a technique. This a very rich resource, but it alone will not get you through. These topics are rigorous, this is by far the best textbook though.

Used it in physical chemistry 1 and 2 (thermodynamics and quantum chemistry). This is a good book to have on hand that makes hard equations easier to understand! Great explanation an equations are well explained with detail derivation.


P.W.Atkins, C.A.Trapp. Physical Chemistry, Oxford University Press, 2002.


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Physical Chemistry


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