Career Paths: Petroleum II

Introduction to Oil Sands; Oil Shale; Petroleum Reserves; Treating Petroleum in the Field; Picking up Oil from Storage Tanks; Measuring Petroleum; The Licensing Process; Licensed Areas...

Career Paths: Petroleum II

Virginia Evans

Express Publishing



Career Paths: Petroleum II is a new educational resource for petroleum industry professionals who want to improve their English communication in a work environment. Incorporating career-specific vocabulary and contexts, each unit offers step-by-step instruction that immerses students in the four key language components: reading, listening, speaking and writing. Career Paths: Petroleum II addresses topics including jobs in the industry, types of oil rigs, petroleum mapping, oil rig mechanical systems and the drilling process.The series is organized into three levels of difficulty and offers a minimum of 400 vocabulary terms and phrases. Every unit includes a test of reading comprehension, vocabulary and listening skills and leads students through written and oral production.



. Unit 1: Oil Sands

. Unit 2: Oil Shale

. Unit 3: Petroleum Reserves

. Unit 4: Treating Petroleum in the Field

. Unit 5: Picking up Oil from Storage Tanks

. Unit 6: Measuring Petroleum

. Unit 7: The Licensing Process

. Unit 8: Licensed Areas

. Unit 9: Acquiring Leases

. Unit 10: Exploration Damages

. Unit 11: Lease Agreements for Private Property

. Unit 12: Petroleum Engineers

. Unit 13: Construction and Maintenance Employees

. Unit 14: Well Types

. Unit 15: Wildcating


Virginia Evans. Career Paths: Petroleum II.Express Publishing, 2013.


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Career Paths: Petroleum II
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Career Paths: Petroleum II


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