Danh mục đầu sách Tiếng Anh ngành Kỹ thuật Hệ thống công nghiệp bổ sung đợt Tháng 5/2019

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STTTên sáchTác giảNhà xbNăm xbMã sách PĐ1A
1The machine that changed the worldJames P.Wormack, Daniel T.Jones, Daniel RoosFirst Free Press2007081500941
2Controlier's guide to planning and Controlling opevationsSteven M.BraggWiley John wiley&sons,INC2004081500942
3Production and operations Management systemsSushil Gupta, Martin StarrCRC Press2014081500943
4Planning and scheduling in Manufacturing and ServisesMicheal L.PinedoSpringer Dodre cht heidelberg2009081500944
5The Toyotaway: 14 management Principles from the world's Greatest ManufacturerJeffrey K.LikerMc Graw Hill2004081500945
6Systems engineering: principles and practiceAlexander KossiakoffJohn wiley & song.Inc2011081500946
7Maintenance, Replacement and ReliabilityAndrew K.S. Jardine, Albert H.C TsangCRC Press2017081500947
8Best Practice in Inventory ManagementTony WildRoutledge2017081500948
9Project management: a systems approach to planning scheduling and controllingHarold KerznerJohn wiley & song.Inc2017081500949
10Simulation modeling and analysisAverill M. LawMc Graw Hill2013081500950
11Reliability, Maintainability and Risk, Practical methods for EngineersDr. David J.smithButterworth-Heinemann2017081500951
12Maritime economicsMartin stopfordRoutledge. Taylor & Francis group2009081500952
13Operations research An introductionHamdy A.TahaPearson Education Limited2017081500953
14Project management for trainersKristine LueckerATD Press2015081500954
15Facilities design fourth editionSunderesh S.HeraguCRC Press2016081500955
16Management informatin systems: managing the digital fimsKenneth C. Laudon, Jane P.Laudon2017081500956
17A guide to the project management trody of knowledge: PMBOK guideProject management Institute2017081500957
18Aguide practice guideProject management Institute2017081500958
19Design and Analysis of lean Production SystemsRonald G.Askin, Jeffrey B.GoldbergJohn wiley & song.Inc2002081500959
20Supply chain management: strategy, planning and operationSunil Chopra, peter Meindl, Pharam Virkalra2016081500960
21Introduction to time series and forecastingPeter: Brockwell, richar A.DavisSpringer international2016081500961
22Spreadsheet Modeling & decision Analysis A practical Introduction to Business AnalyticsCliff RagsdaleCengage learning2015081500962
23Managing for quality and performanceCengage learning2017081500963
24Learning to see: valua stream mapping to greate value and eliminate mudaMike rother, John Shooklean Enterprise institute2009081500964
25Reinventing lean introducing lean management in to the supply chainGerhard PlenertButterworth-Heinemann2007081500965
26Value Stream managementDon Tapping, tom luyster, Tom ShukerProductivity press new york2002081500966
27Sales fovecasting management: A demand management ApproadGjohn T.Mentre, Mark A.MoonSage Publications2005081500970
28Learning thingking: banish wate and create wealth in your corporationJames P.Wormack, Daniel T.Jones, Daniel Roos2003081500971

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