Research methodology

Formulating a research problem; Conceptualising a research design; constructing an instrument for data collection; selesting a sample;writing a reseach proposal; collecting data; processing and displaying data; writing a research report

Research methodology

Kumar Ranjit

SAGE Publications



Research Methodology: A Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners integrates various quantitative and qualitative methodologies into eight practice-based-steps, providing lots of examples throughout to link theory with practice. Written specifically for students with no previous experience of research and research methodology, the writing style is simple and clear and the author presents this complex subject in a straightforward way that empowers readers to tackle research with confidence. The book has been revised and updated to include extended coverage of qualitative research methods in addition to existing comprehensive coverage of quantitative methods. There are also brand new learning features such as reflective questions throughout the text to help students consolidate their knowledge

The research process: an eight – step model

. Step 1: Formulating a research problem;

. Step 2: Conceptualising a research design;

. Step 3: Constructing an instrument for data collection;

. Step 4: Selesting a sample;

. Step 5: Writing a reseach proposal;

. Step 6: Collecting data;

. Step 7: Processing and displaying data

. Step 8: Writing a research report


Kumar Ranjit.Research methodology.SAGE Publications,2011


Ngành NGÔN NGỮ ANH (7220201)

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Research methodology


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