New TOEIC Speaking coach

Nội dung cuốn sách gồm: read a text aloud; describe a picture; respond to questions; respond to questions using infomation provided; propose a solution; express an opinion.

New TOEIC Speaking coach

San Francisco Education Consulting

Tổng hợp Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh



The TOEIC – Test of English for International Communication – assesses language skills that are used in daily life and in the workplace. Today the TOEIC test is used as a certification tool in more than 9,000 organizations across 90 countries throughout the world, making it a globally recognized English proficiency assessment.

Since 2006 the optional TOEIC Speaking and Writing tests have been made available to ascertain test-takers’ level of English speaking and writing abilities in addition to the “standard” TOEIC, which tests only listening and reading abilities. The type and format of the questions in these optional tests are quite different from the standard test because TOEIC Speaking and Writing tests are computer-based. However, as with the standard test, all questions are designed to represent the real-world business situations and evaluate the test-takers’ ability to communicate in such situations.

The new tests will certainly pose new challenges to test-takers as there are new question types and formats to be familiar with and new tactics and skills to be acquired. TOEIC Speaking coach is designed to help you best prepare for the TOEIC Speaking test by introducing all the question types and guiding you through the process of dealing with the questions. Special features of the book include:

- A full coverage of all question types and tasks of the TOEIC Speaking test to familiarize you with the test items. Samples are carefully selected to reflect the real-test task variety as well as level of difficulty.

- A full analysis of successful and unsuccessful answers to help you identify possible problematic areas and make progress in a most effective manner.

- Evaluation criteria checklists to raise your awareness about the accuracy and rele-vance of your responses to the test items.

- A final test to apply what you have studied and monitor your progress.

While it is true that your English proficiency cannot be enhanced overnight, it is also true that not all resources you may use are of equal value, as a saying goes, “All roads lead to Rome, but some roads will take longer than the others, and some won’t get you there at all.” You will find that TOEIC Speaking coach is worthy of your choice for the maximum effectiveness it brings you in improving your English speaking ability as well as earning you a high score on the TOEIC Speaking test.


San Francisco Education Consulting. New TOEIC Speaking coach. Tổng hợp Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh,2011.


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New TOEIC Speaking coach


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