Hawk-eye, the Pathfinder

Macmillan Readers series is one of the most popular simplified readers for learners of English. The information is controlled, with pictures explaining some of the difficult vocabulary. This book has 600 basic words for Beginner-level students and explains how three men fell in love with a woman during a war in North America.

Hawk-eye, the Pathfinder

James Fenimore Cooper




Retold for students of English, this English Language Teaching (ELT/ESL) eBook is a beginner-level Macmillan Reader. A sequel to The Last of the Mohicans, it is a second adventure with the scout, Hawk-eye, and his friend, Chingachgook, set in 1757 at Lake Ontario in North America. Mabel Dunham arrives at the English fort. Three men fall in love with her - an English officer, the captain of a ship and Hawk-eye. Then Mabel hears the terrible news. There are spies in the fort. The French army and their Indian fighters are coming.


James Fenimore Cooper, Hawk-eye, the Pathfinder, MacMillan, 2005.


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Hawk-eye, the Pathfinder

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Hawk-eye, the Pathfinder


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