Advanced Beginner's English Reader

Advanced Beginner's English Reader is a high-interest reader for students of English at the high-beginning through low-intermediate levels. Through twenty-seven lively readings, students explore aspects of American culture.

Advanced Beginner's English Reader

Phil Kantz, Barbara Dogger

McGraw Hill



They are introduced to American teenagers and their families and friends, and follow their daily activities at school -- both in the classroom and in extracurricular activities -- and at home, at work, and at play. Students will relate to typical experiences such as enrolling at a new school, making friends, trying out for a team, and going to a school dance. Each reading provides both narrative and dialogue to help students acquire an ear for the sounds of the English language. In addition to the reading passage, follow-up comprehension and vocabulary exercises review and reinforce the new material introduced in each chapter. Throughout the reader, the language has been carefully controlled to ensure its appropriateness for students at this level. Most of the sentences are either simple or compound, although some complex sentences are introduced as well. Verb tenses are limited to simple present and past, present and past progressive, and future. Structures and vocabulary are spiraled throughout the readings and exercises for optimal reinforcement. Advanced Beginner's English Reader can be used with students who have finished the first book in this series, Beginner's English Reader, and with all high-beginning and low-intermediate learners who want to develop their reading and communication skills while gaining insights into American culture.


Phil Kantz, Barbara Dogger, Advanced Beginner's English Reader, McGraw Hill, 2001.


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Advanced Beginner's English ReaderBộ sưu tập số Lĩnh vực Ngoại ngữBộ sưu tập số Lĩnh vực Ngoại ngữ

Advanced Beginner's English Reader

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Advanced Beginner's English Reader


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