A Course in Phonetics

Introductory concepts; English phonetics; General phonetics.

A Course in Phonetics

Peter Ladefoged, Keith Johnson

Cengage Learning



Offering the most current coverage available, A COURSE IN PHONETICS, 7e remains the authoritative text for the study of phonetics. Combining Peter Ladefoged's student-friendly writing style with Keith Johnson's comprehensive presentation, the Seventh Edition introduces concepts of speech production, describes speech in acoustic terms, and teaches practical phonetic skills including IPA transcription.

Expanded sections on acoustic phonetics and speech motor control bring instructors up to date and help students use tools for digital inspection and manipulation of speech.

Numerous updates include MRI images of vocal tracts. In addition, the thoroughly revised companion website includes interactive exercises, instant spectrograms for every chapter, over 4,000 audio files of nearly 100 languages, and maps keyed to sounds of languages where they are spoken. With its broad overview and numerous examples, A COURSE IN PHONETICS remains the ideal introduction to phonetics-no previous knowledge required!


Peter Ladefoged, Keith Johnson. A Course in Phonetics. Cengage Learning, 2014.


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A Course in Phonetics


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