Who Was Ferdinand Magellan

When Portuguese sailor Ferdinand Magellan set sail from Spain in 1519, he believed he could get to the Spice Islands by sailing west through or around the New World. He was right, but what he didn't know was that the treacherous voyage would take him three years and cost him his life. Black-and-white line drawings illustrate Magellan's life and voyage, with sidebars and a time line that enhance readers' understanding of the period.

Who Was Ferdinand Magellan?

Sydelle Kramer; Illustrated by Elizabeth Wolf

Grosset & Dunlap



Ferdinand Magellan..a man who made the first journey round the globe possible in a times when people didnt know earth was round !
This wonderful story of dreams, adventure and passion is very well put in a simple but entertaining way.

Imagine a time when no one was sure the Earth was round … when people believed they’d topple over the edge if they sailed too far from home. Imagine a time when most people didn’t know there was a Pacific Ocean. Go back five hundred years, when whole continents were still undiscovered, when people thought the Earth was tiny and that monsters swam through its waters. Yet one man decided to sail his ship through unknown seas and discover what was out there.

He was not the first to make such a perilous voyage. But he went farther and stayed away longer than anyone had before. Because of his brains and courage, he is known for being the first man to circumnavigate—sail around—the globe.


Sydelle Kramer; Illustrated by Elizabeth Wolf. Who Was Ferdinand Magellan? Grosset & Dunlap, 2004


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Who Was Ferdinand Magellan


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