Who is Barack Obama?

As the world now knows, Barack Obama has made history as our first African-American president. With black-and-white illustrations throughout, this biography is perfect for primary graders looking for a longer, fuller life story than is found in the author's bestselling beginning reader Barack Obama: United States President.

Who is Barack Obama?

Roberta Edwards; Illustrated by John O'Brien

Grosset & Dunlap



"His hope was for all Americans—Republican, Democrat, white, black, old, and young—to work together to make our country stronger and better."

This Who Was? Book offers a nice introduction to the life, and political career, of President Obama. From his childhood when he lived overseas and his mother worried about his English history and language lessons, to his relationship with his father who he rarely saw, this book paints the portrait of a man who often felt like an "outsider" because he was different from those around him.

His childhood formed a man who sees everyone, wants to help others, and wasn't afraid to put in the work whether it was begrudgingly waking up early to study English and US history, or going to Law School when he realized he could do more to help those in need as a lawyer.

This book does not attempt to present President Obama as perfect, it shares regrets he carried (may still carry) for decades, as, for instance, he came to view priorities through a mature adult's eyes.


Roberta Edwards; Illustrated by John O'Brien. Who is Barack Obama? Grosset & Dunlap, 2013.


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Who is Barack Obama?

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Who is Barack Obama?
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Who is Barack Obama?


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