Sustainable Energy Technologies

The world must move toward a more sustainable energy future, and the development of technologies that facilitate this for transport, heating, and power systems is crucial. This journal encourages papers on any aspect and scale of technologies for energy generation and/or utilization that decrease …

Sustainable Energy Technologies

Eduardo RonconMejia

Taylo & Francis



1. Introduction

2. Solar and Geothermal Energies Are Sustainable; Nuclear Power Is Not

3. Renewables—The Politics and Economics Behind Them

4. The Constructal Design Applied to Renewable Energy Systems

5. Integration of Renewable Energy Technologies in Buildings and Cities

6. Next Developments in Solar Thermal Technologies

7. Advances in Solar-Assisted Air Conditioning Systems for Tropical-Humid Locations

8. Absorption Thermodynamic Cycles: Advanced Cycles Based on Ammonia/Salt

9. Hybrid Solar and Geothermal Heating and Cooling

10. Thermal Energy Storage Systems for Solar Applications

11. Solar Photocatalytic Energy

12. Novel Solar Fuels from H2O and CO2

13. Tannins as Precursors of Supercapacitor Electrodes

14. Recent Contributions in the Development of Fuel Cell Technologies

15. Towards More Sustainable Aeronautics via the Use of Biofuels

16. Solar Cooking for All

17. Sustainable Wind Energy Systems

18. Tidal Current Technologies: Brief Overview and In-Depth Coverage of the State of the Art

19. From Large Dams to Sustainable Hydropower

20. Bioenergy Principles and Applications

21. Advanced Biomethane Processes

22. Human Energy: System Integration, Efficiency, Recovery

23. Sustainable Energy for Houses


Eduardo RonconMejia , Sustainable Energy Technologies, Taylo & Francis, 2017


Lĩnh vực Cơ khí, Chế tạo máy

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Sustainable Energy Technologies


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