New Worlds An Introduction to College Reading

New Worlds: An Introduction to College Reading continues to offer a clear, effective, and systematic way to approach college reading assignments. New Worlds introduces the skills needed to master college-level reading, and shows how to apply those skills throughout the college curriculum and beyond.

New Worlds An Introduction to College Reading

Joe Cortina, Janet Elder




New Worlds is an introductory college reading improvement text that applies the successful approach of the authors' Opening Doors, and Comprehending College Textbooks, and Janet Elder's Exercise Your College Reading Skills in a format designed to help lower-level developmental reading students succeed in college.

This approach presents skills clearly, in a structured approach that emphasizes comprehension and provides thorough, on-going practice and application of the skills.

This edition includes fuller explanations, more practice exercises, ten new reading selections, expanded quizzes for all reading selections, and a wealth of new media support.

To the Instructor: Getting Started in New Worlds To the Student PART ONE: A NEW WORLD OF LEARNING: GETTING STARTED IN COLLEGE

+ CHAPTER 1: BEING SUCCESSFUL IN COLLEGE: A NEW WORLD OF READING AND STUDYING Reading Selection 1-1: "A Mother's Answer" (Nonfiction) Reading Selection 1-2: "Coping with Stress and Making It Work for You" (Health) Reading Selection 1-3: "Wise Up! The When and How of Preparing for Tests" (Study Skills)

+ CHAPTER 2: DEVELOPING A COLLEGE-LEVEL VOCABULARY: A NEW WORLD OF WORDS Reading Selection 2-1: "Should Teenagers Work Part-Time?"(Human Development)) Reading Selection 2-2: "McDonaldization: The Sun Never Sets on the Golden Arches" (Business) Reading Selection 2-3: "Rage on the Road: The Danger of Aggressive Driving" (Health) PART TWO: A NEW WORLD OF UNDERSTANDING: USING CORE COMPREHENSION SKILLS WHEN YOU READ COLLEGE TEXTBOOKS

+ CHAPTER 3: DETERMINING THE TOPIC Reading Selection 3-1: "Too Many Students Cheat on Sleep" (Newspaper Article) Reading Selection 3-2: "Is There a Better Way to Parent? A Look at Three Parenting Styles" (Human Development) Reading Selection 3-3: "Giving a Speech? If You're Nervous, You're Normal!" (Speech Communication) CHAPTER 4: LOCATING THE STATED MAIN IDEA Reading Selection 4-1: "Good Boss? Bad Boss? Three Leadership Styles" (Business) Reading Selection 4-2: "Need a Job? Identifying Your Job Opportunities" (Marketing) Reading Selection 4-3: "Engagement and Marriage: The Same--Yet Different--Worldwide" (Human Development)

+ CHAPTER 5: FORMULATING AN IMPLIED MAIN IDEA Reading Selection 5-1: "Two Artistic Tributes: The Vietnam Memorial and the AIDS Quilt" (Art Appreciation) Reading Selection 5-2: "Causes of Cancer" (Biology) Reading Selection 5-3: "Why Relationships Develop and What Makes Them Last" (Psychology)

+ CHAPTER 6: IDENTIFYING SUPPORTING DETAILS Reading Selection 6-1: "Who Needs Cash When You've Got a Smart Card?" (Information Technology) Reading Selection 6-2: "The Life of Buddha: The Path to Nirvana" (History) Reading Selection 6-3: "Learn to Control Your Assets--and You May Become a Millionaire" (Business)

+ CHAPTER 7: RECOGNIZING AUTHORS' WRITING PATTERNS Reading Selection 7-1: "Vietnam: A Country in Transition" (Atlas) Reading Selection 7-2: "Achoooo! You've Caught Another Cold!" (Health) Reading Selection 7-3: "The Right to Vote: Valued but Under Utilized" (Government) PART THREE: A NEW WORLD OF READING AND THINKING CRITICALLY

+ CHAPTER 8: READING CRITICALLY Reading Selection 8-1: "Ticket Scalping: A Bum Rap?" (Economics) Reading Selection 8-2: "Thomas Edison: Man of Inspiration" (Nonfiction) Reading Selection 8-3: "A Day Away" (Literature)

+ CHAPTER 9: THINKING CRITICALLY Reading Selection 9-1: "'It's Your Turn to Feed the Baby!' How Infants Affect Marriage" (Child Development) Reading Selection 9-2: "Whose Grave Is This Anyway?" (Art Appreciation) Reading Selection 9-3: "Is It Really Worth It? How Dual-Earner Couples Cope" (Human Development) PART FOUR: A NEW WORLD OF STUDYING

+ CHAPTER 10: APPROACHING COLLEGE READING AND STUDYING Reading Selection 10-1: "Want to Be Your Own Boss? Consider a Sole Proprietorship" (Business)

+ CHAPTER 11: APPLYING CORE COMPREHENSION SKILLS AS YOU STUDY Reading Selection 11-1: "The Facts about AIDS" (Health) Appendix 1 Glossary of Key Terms Appendix 2 Master Vocabulary List Appendix 3 Maps of the United States and the World INDEX


Joe Cortina, Janet Elder. New Worlds An Introduction to College Reading, McGraw-Hill, 2010


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New Worlds An Introduction to College Reading

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New Worlds An Introduction to College Reading


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