Corporate Finance Law Principles and Policy

Understanding Financial law is crucial to appreciating the creation and formation of banking and financial regulation, as well as the legal framework for finance generally. Financial law forms a substantial portion of commercial law, and notably a substantial proportion of the global economy, and legal billables are dependent on sound and clear legal policy pertaining to financial transactions.

Corporate Finance Law Principles and Policy

Louise Gullifer, Jennifer Payne

Hart publishing



The third edition of this acclaimed book continues to provide a discussion of key theoretical and policy issues in corporate finance law. It has been fully updated to reflect developments in the law and the markets.

One of the book's distinctive features is its equal coverage of both the equity and debt sides of corporate finance law, and it seeks, where possible, to compare and contrast the two.

This book covers a broad range of topics regarding the debt and equity-raising choices of companies of all sizes, from SMEs to the largest publicly traded enterprises, and the mechanisms by which those providing capital are protected. Each chapter provides a critical analysis of the present law to enable the reader to understand the difficulties, risks and tensions in this area, and the attempts by the legislature, regulators and the courts, as well as the parties involved, to deal with them.

The book will be of interest to practitioners, academics and students engaged in the practice and study of corporate finance law.


Louise Gullifer, Jennifer Payne,Corporate Finance Law Principles and Policy,Hart Publishing, 2020.


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Corporate Finance Law Principles and Policy

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Corporate Finance Law Principles and Policy


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