Basics Professional Practive Budgeting

Basics Budgeting explains budgeting processes during the planning and building phases step by step and in practical terms, and shows in a comprehensive and clearly structured way how cost influences and risks are estimated and evaluated.

Basics Professional Practive Budgeting

Bert Bielefeld, Roland Schneider




Successful project management of construction projects is largely dependant on the confident handling of construction costs and schedules. For contractors, the ability to reliably plan costs is an essential quality feature of a good architect, and hence one of the most important basics of project preparation. Cost estimation is also vital in preparing project budgets, and it particularly requires an efficient methodology that can immediately reveal possible planning-related cost overruns. Central key concepts such as cost variables or life-cycle costs, costing methods, and cost control methods form an essential repertoire for all practicing architects;Budgeting explains cost planning processes during the planning and construction phase step-by-step and on a practical level, and describes in a clear and structured manner how to estimate and evaluate cost impacts and risks. Supported by practical tips, examples, and illustrations, the inexperienced planner learns the tools of the trade in order to enter the field of budget management informed and in step with actual practice.


+ Basic Budgeting principles.

+ Costing methods

+ Continuing the Budgeting process

+ In conclusion

+ Appendix


Bert Bielefeld, Roland Schneider. Basics Professional Practive Budgeting, Birkhäuser, 2014


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Basics Professional Practive Budgeting


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