Skillful Listening & Speaking 4

Skillful Listening & Speaking 4 offers students the opportunity to develop language skills by presenting them with ideas from today's world, while building critical thinking skills that are vital for academic success.

Skillful Listening & Speaking 4

Lindsay Clandfiel, Mark McKinnon




Academic success requires more than memorizing information—it takesskills. A successful student not only understands the lesson in one class, butcan also apply knowledge to future classes and to situations outside theclassroom.Each unit of Skilllul presents one tnain topic about life, examined from twodifferent acadetnic disciplines. As you work through the unit, you will seehow these two very different aspects of the topic work together to informour understanding of a profound concept.

The course takes a skills-based approach with each unit distinguishing between and global and close skills. The nature of each unit encourages students to think about the world around them, creating exciting and engaging learning material. The skills boxes that appear throughout the books signal the topic focus to the teacher, while providing the students with relevant tips, words and phrases. The study skills focus develops this further, providing students with practical guidance and support, and building confidence for independent learning throughout their university career.


. Unit 1: Gathering

. Unit 2: Games

. Unit 3: Nostalgia

. Unit 4: Risk

. Unit 5: Sprawl

. Unit 6: Legacy

. Unit 7: Expanse

. Unit 8: Change

. Unit 9: Flow

. Unit 10: Conflict


Lindsay Clandfiel, Mark McKinnon.Skillful Listening & Speaking 4.MacMillan, 2016.


Ngành NGÔN NGỮ ANH (7220201)

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Skillful Listening & Speaking 4
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Skillful Listening & Speaking 4


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