Insights and Ideas - Second Edition

Insights and Ideas is a book in the series of English reading skills to help improve students' reading comprehension skills. The book will provide extensive exercises, helping you to increase your understanding of the language as well as find a lot of useful information when using the book.

Insights and Ideas - Second Edition

Patricia Ackert, Anne L. Nebel

Nxb Trẻ



Insights and Ideas includes twenty-five engaging thematic selections that develop essential vocabulary and reading skills. Learners with a 1,000 word vocabulary will double their word bases while investigating strategies to further their comprehension through context clues, predictions, inference, main ideas, and details.


+ Unit 1: Fast Food

+ Unit2: Shopping Malls

+ Unit 3: Puerto Rico

+ Unit 4: Country Music

+ Unit 5: The Family

+ Unit 6: Eskimo Art

+ Unit 7: Hawaii, Island State

+ Unit 8 Language and Languages

+ Unit 9: Cities in the 21st Century

+ Unit l0: Deserts

+ Unit 11: Medicines, from Leaches to Laser

+ Unit 12: Oil From Plants

+ Unit 13: New Plants

+ Unit 14: Amnesty International

+ Unit 15: National Parks

+ Unit 16: Money

+ Unit 17: Antartica

+ Unit 18: Crying

+ Unit 19: The United Nations

+ Unit 20: Marple Syrup

+ Unit 21: Marketing

+ Unit 22: Glass

+ Unit 23: Gold

+ Unit 24: Early Humans

+ Unit 25: Computers


Patricia Ackert, Anne L. Nebel. Insights and Ideas - Second Edition, Nxb Trẻ, 2002


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Insights and Ideas - Second Edition

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Insights and Ideas - Second Edition


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