Weight Traning by Design

An efficient, balanced system that maximizes Weight training workout results—no matter what your level

Weight Traning by Design

Dale Greenwald; Erik Miller

McGraw Hill



Weight Training by Design is the first introduction to a groundbreaking new weight-training program. Whether you’re a beginner or have years of experience, the BAM Superset™ system (Balanced Antagonistic Muscles) is a technique that works opposing muscle groups to save time, prevent injury, and build strength faster. In addition to explanations of correct exercise techniques, this book provides essential information on cardiovascular training, diet, rest, stretching, and posture.

This is a book meant to be taken to the gym. It's clearly detailed, helpfully photographed, and explained in a way that novices and more advanced fitness enthusiasts can use it with great benefit. This book of its kind that is so comprehensive and practical. The exercises, especially the Balanced Antagonistic Muscle approach, make for a safe, speedy, and fun workout.


Dale Greenwald; Erik Miller. Weight Traning by Design. McGraw Hill, 2006.


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Weight Traning by Design


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