Advances in Electronics, Communication and Computing

This book comprises select proceedings of the international conference ETAEERE 2020, and covers latest research in the areas of electronics, communication and computing.

Advances in Electronics, Communication and Computing

Pradeep Kumar Mallick




This book comprises select proceedings of the international conference ETAEERE 2020, and covers latest research in the areas of electronics, communication and computing.

The book includes different approaches and techniques for specific applications using particle swarm optimization, Otsu’s function and harmony search optimization algorithm, DNA-NAND gate, triple gate SOI MOSFET, micro-Raman and FTIR analysis, high-k dielectric gate oxide, spectrum sensing in cognitive radio, microstrip antenna, GPR with conducting surfaces, energy efficient packet routing, iBGP route reflectors, circularly polarized antenna, double fork shaped patch radiator, implementation of Doppler radar at 24 GHz, iris image classification using SVM, digital image forgery detection, secure communication, spoken dialog system, and DFT-DCT spreading strategies. Given the range of topics covered, this book can be useful for both students and researchers working in electronics and communication.


  1. Realization of Security System Using Facial Recognition and Arduino Keypad Door Lock System

  2. Analysis of t-distribution in Variable Step Size Firefly Algorithm in the Applications of Machine Learnin

  3. Detecting Vulnerabilities of Web Application Using Penetration Testing and Prevent Using Threat Modeling

  4. Analysis and Comparison of Credit Card Fraud Detection Using Machine Learning

  5. Data Hiding Technique Using Differential Evolution

  6. Intelligent Baby Monitoring System Using Blynk

  7. Implementation of Dual Image Watermarking for Copyright Protection

  8. Edge of Things-Based Smart Speed Monitoring System: A Smart City Initiativ

  9. Bengali Spoken Numerals Recognition by MFCC and GMM Techniqu

  10. Detection and Evaluation of Chronic Kidney Disease Using Different Regression and Classification Algorithms in Machine Learnin

  11. Analysis and Prevention of Road Accident

  12. Brain Tumor Segmentation from 3D MRI Slices Using Cascading Convolutional Neural Networ

  13. Invoice Deduction Classification Using LGBM Prediction Mode

  14. Enhancing Heart Disorders Prediction with Attribute Optimizatio

  15. Variable Optimization in Cervical Cancer Data Using Particle Swarm Optimizatio

  16. A Hybrid DTNB Model for Heart Disorders Predictio

  17. Comparative Study of AHP and Fuzzy AHP for Ranking of Medicinal Drugs

  18. A Novel Privacy Preservation Mechanism for Wireless Medical Sensor Network

  19. IOT-Based Visitor Sensing Doormat: Future Generation

  20. Heart Disease Prediction Using Machine Learning Techniqu

  21. A Smart Energy Meter-Based Home Recommender System

  22. Performance of Solar PV Panel Under Higher Concentration of Carbon Dioxide

  23. Speech Enhancement Using a Novel Spectral Subtraction Method for Seashore Noise

  24. Optical Wave Guide: Fast and Secure Communication for Next-Generation Technology

  25. Removal of Artifact from the Brain Signal Using Discrete Cosine Transform

  26. A Comparison Study of Recurrent Neural Networks in Recognition of Handwritten Odia Numerals

  27. Noise Suppression in Non-stationary Signals Using Adaptive Techniques

  28. Design of Circular Patch Antenna for Wireless Communication in K-Band

  29. Automatic Event Detection in User-Generated Video Content: A Survey

  30. A Comparative Analysis of Biomedical Data Mining Models for Cardiac Signal Classification

  31. Hybrid Intelligent System Tool to Improve Technological Growth in Science and Technology(S&T) Sector by Identifying the GAP

  32. A Machine Learning Model for Predicting Academic Performance of Students Through Internet Usage

  33. Egocentric Vision for Dog Behavioral Analysis

  34. A Deep Learning Model for Investigation on Human Body Movements and Action

  35. Evolution of Wireless Communications with 3G, 4G, 5G, and Next Generation Technologies in India

  36. Biogas Plant: Process & Parameter Monitoring

  37. Impact of Exogenous Electromagnetic Signals on Biological Entities

  38. Using Ad Hoc on Demand Distance Vector Technique for Identifying Sinkhole Attack in Wireless Sensor Network

  39. Application of Empirical Mode Decomposition and Support Vector Machine for the Classification of Arc Fault in Distribution Line

  40. A Stockwell Transform-Based Approach for the Detection and Classification of High-Impedance Arc in Leaning Tree and Sphere gap

  41. Driver’s Stress Analysis and Automated Emergency Call Using IOT and Data Analytics

  42. Air Prediction by Given Attribute Based on Supervised with Classification Machine Learning Approach

  43. Computer Vision-Based Approach for Indian Sign Language Character Recognition Using CNN and ROI Segmentation

  44. High Secured Data Access and Leakage Detection Using Attribute-Based Encryption

  45. Enabling Ternary Hash Tree-Based Integrity Verification for Secure Cloud Data Storage

  46. A Robust and Intelligent Machine Learning Algorithm for Software Testing

  47. A Novel Machine Learning-Based Ship Detection for Pre-annotated Ship Database

  48. Attribute-Based Encryption in Multi-owner Setting

  49. Parkinson’s Disease Detection Using Machine Learning Techniques

  50. My Device—Fog: Integrative Mapping, Tracking, and Identification of Device Id, Location, and User Info

  51. An Intuitive Extensible Framework for Implementing Cloud Broker Architectures

  52. Consumer Intension of Purchase from Online and Social Media Data

  53. Identifying and Detection of Advertisement Click Fraud Based on Machine Learning

  54. Touch-Less Heart Beat Detection on Improved LBP Algorithm

  55. Threat Level Detection in Android Platform Using Machine Learning Algorithms

  56. Implementing Urban Surveillance Systems in Smart Cities by Automated Object Detection Using Convolution Neural Network

  57. Blockchain-Based Incentive Announcement In Vanet Using CreditCoin

  58. Dynamic Symmetric Encryption Over E-mail in Cloud Server

  59. Air Quality Prediction (IoT) Using Machine Learning

  60. Options-Based Sequential Auction for Dynamic Cloud Resourse Allocation

  61. Classification and Mapping of Adaptive Security for Mobile Computing

  62. An Extensible Framework to Optimize the Work Execution Model

  63. Energy Price Forecasting in Python Using Machine Learning Algorithm

  64. Optimized Intrusion Detection System Using Computational Intelligent Algorithm

  65. Non-linear Modified Energy Detector (NMED) for Random Signals in Gaussian Noise of Cognitive Radio

  66. Internet of Things for Enhanced Food Safety and Quality Assurance: A Literature Revie

  67. Optical Wave Guide: Fast and Secure Communication for Next-Generation Technology


Pradeep Kumar Mallick, Advances in Electronics, Communication and Computing, Springer, 2021


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Advances in Electronics, Communication and Computing


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